A little bit more of my first day in Charlotte

I’ve found some other pics of my first day in Charlotte and I can’t help sharing with you.

To start our first tour around the Queen City, we got the Gold Rush Trolley in front of the Times Warner Cable Arena and sang brazilian songs all the way up to International House of Metrolina. Our soundtrack included classic songs like “Girl from Ipanema” and “Wave” besides funny ones like “Cerol na Mão”. Clara has recorded it and I still look forward to seeing this video.

The best thing is that the trolley is free of charges. It means that you can get a wonderful view of Charlotte for nothing. But do not think that this is a tourist attraction! Like the Santa Teresa trolley in Rio, the Gold Rush is the main transportation vehicle for many Charlotteans. There were lots of them inside the trolley when we were singing and I think that they were kinda scared of us. lol

A few minutes later we got to International House, that is a grassroots non-profit organization with a mission to promote international understanding and to serve immigrants in need. Since 1981, it has been a leading provider of direct services to Charlotte’s ever-growing international community, which numbers more than 104,000 immigrants and foreign-born citizens. They offer foreign-language conversation hours, cultural events, an international book club, citizen diplomacy programs, an international women’s group, language classes, free citizenship workshops, legal services for low-income immigrants, and much more. On my way there, I got this amazing picture (the quality is not the best but it’s one of my favorites though):

We met some of the organization staff and to spend our remaining time, we went to Independence Park and played some games there. Later we got into our van and Omar drove us to Queens Univertity of Charlotte, a private university in Eastover:


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