Charlotte – North Carolina

Como disse no post anterior, depois de alguns dias na capital dos Estados Unidos, Os Jovens Embaixadores serão divididos entre 5 estados anfitriões. São eles: Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma e Washington.

Nesses estados, teremos a oportunidade de estudar numa escola de ensino médio e viver com uma família americana.

Semana passada recebi o tão esperado e-mail contendo a distribuição dos Jovens Embaixadores entre os 5 estados anfitriões e… IREI PARA A CAROLINA DO NORTE!!


Irei, mais especificamente, para a cidade de Charlotte junto com outras 8 pessoas maravilhosas: Clara, do Mato Grosso do Sul; Daniel, de São Paulo; Igor, de Minas Gerais; Ítalo, do Ceará; Jorge, do Mato Grosso; Késia, de Recife; Rafael, de Goiás e Thalles, de Minas Gerais. Acho que meu grupo não poderia ser melhor! Adoro todos os YA, mas tive muito contato com esses, o que me fez achar que tudo tinha tomado os rumos perfeitos.

Vou falar um pouquinho (em inglês, para já ir exercitando) sobre o estado e a cidade nos quais passarei 13 dias:

North Carolina is located in the southeastern United States, specifically in the South Atlantic region. It is boarded by South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west and Virginia to the north. The state’s capital is Raleigh but the largest city is Charlotte. The climate of the coastal cities is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean.

North Carolina has a wide range of elevations, from sea level on the coast to 6,684 feet (2,037 m) at Mt. Mitchell, the highest point not only in the state, but in the Eastern US.

From 2008 North Carolina has been the fastest growing state in the United States.

Charlotte, nicknamed “The Queen City” was considered the 8th best city to live by CNNMoney in the “100 best places to live and lunch“.  In 2010, Charlotte’s population according to the US Census Bureau was 731,424, making it the 17th largest city in the United States based on it. Residents of Charlotte are referred to as “Charlotteans”.

Charlotte has become a major U.S. financial center, and is now the second largest banking center in the United States after New York City. The city is home of the  Bank of America, nation’s second largest financial institution by assets.

Charlotte is a place with many faces. First and foremost, it’s a city setting the pace for economic development in the Southeast. It has 325 Fortune 500 companies and over 300 international firms. No one disputes the fact that the Queen City is running on all cylinders. As corporate growth has exploded, the city has transformed itself to accommodate the growing numbers of employees, travelers and families arriving each day. Cutting edge restaurants and tasteful, contemporary shopping centers have cropped up from Trade Street to Ballantyne. All the while, great care has been taken to nurture and preserve the sites and traditions that are distinctively Charlotte.

Combining Carolina charm with cosmopolitan flair, Charlotte offers plenty of terrific ways to pass the time. The city is a sports mecca that hosts its fair share of big-time collegiate sports events, from NCAA hoops tourneys to bowl games. It’s also home to the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats, both of whom enjoy loyal followings. Of

course, it’s what happens just north of the city at Lowe’s Motor Speedway that draws the biggest, loudest crowds: NASCAR.

Beyond sports, Charlotte also have big city’s attractions. Vast shopping centers, like SouthPark Mall and Concord Mills, the mega-mall off I-85, guarantee access to a full selection of national retailers.

In Uptown yesterday and today meet. There, you’ll find swanky new bistros, cocktail bars and such that help define Charlotte as a place with a young, stylish vibe.

A vibrant arts scene is also on the rise in the “NoDa” Arts District (north of Uptown), where you’ll find an assortment of cool galleries and a hot lineup of live bands performing almost every evening. People say that whatever you discover about this booming, cosmopolitan city, you can bet there’s always more to see and do, so it’s mandatory to return there!


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